woensdag 28 september 2011


Ich habe die vorherigen Entwürfen etwas verändert, damit das Bildthema interessanter wird. Ich wollte das ganze in einer agressiveren Farbe tauchen und mehrdeutiger gestalten.

Neu gezeichnete Skyline

dinsdag 27 september 2011

my part in our group

Will it give something completly new?

Designer need to get inspired mainly by the enviroment and by the work of other Designers, so there exist almost everthing.
But if the technology for instance change a lot and opens new foreign parts in our world, than you would have new problems which Designer need to solve.

On the first picture you see technic and an unknown part which comes up behind it.
On the second you see the horizont, which means that not everything is in our own horizont, there a lot of parts human cannot even know also when they believe that.

own questions

Philosophy about Design and Art

Artist who inspired me

1920 until 1930

A logo what i would like to change

I thought the legologo should be on this typical legostones and in this 4 colours. The typeface is so well-known that you still recognize the company behind it.

What do you see at first and what is important?

I tried to make a composition which leads the view to the dead person, but the car as more unimportant part should be in the foreground.

Siebdruck sketch

Material: Plexiglasplatte

My last sketch, i still working on it.

Micro and Macro

A phone is my Macrokosmos und a world inside my Microkasmos.

My film starts with a zoom in a phone, there you find a strange world, dark and full of doors and letters. The Film ends in a zoom out of another handy, so its about finding a way as an sms through the Microkosmos.

Filmszene aus Slumdog Millionär

Min: 1:26:45 bis 1:28:15